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re-write your skin history

It's been 20 years since micro-needling started being used by plastic surgeons to revise scars from acne, surgery and deep lines from ageing. 

Since then the method has been refined, researched and perfected to deliver the most result for the least downtime of ANY skin treatment in the world today.

Leading this research is Dermapen™ the device makers with more clinical data to back their treatment than any other. 

We work with the newest Dermapen4™ to bring you computerised, automated treatments. 

Your therapist is qualified and certified by Dermapen™ to deliver clean, effective results.


How it works

Damaged skin forms badly-shaped tissue. Scars, pockets, lines, pools of pigment, are all reactions to trauma and the environment. This badly-shaped tissue pulls your skin into a shape you don't want, with pitting, lines and uneven colour. It also does not function correctly. 

Dermapen4™ makes micro-channels into the tissue, releasing it from this knotted, malformed shape and releasing nutrients. 

Your skin is left intact, but it wrongly thinks it has been injured badly. Therefore it heals accordingly. Because the healing is far more than what is actually required, it brings skin to a higher level of health. Scars are reduced, the microbiome balances, your glow and firmness returns & up to 800% more collagen is formed in a single session. 

The results are unmatched by any other modality. Your skin will transform, rewrite history and start a brand new story of skin health. Let's get started! 

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