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About us is all about you!

Gone are the days where your plate is just full, you could have a full set of the good china out and still need more. We get it, and we get you. Everything we do, every service and touchpoint is curated with the desire to make your self care experience with us and at home as effortless as possible. The less you have to think about it the better. So without further ado,

Welcome to your best self & skin...

Being you is a full-time job! 

So you may as well enjoy it! We help people wake up in the morning looking fresh and feeling vibrant. Happiness & beauty is an inside job.

It's selfless, to self-care.

We are advocates for 'putting on your own oxygen mask so you can help others.'

A cared-for you, is better-equipped to care for others.

Time is precious

Our beauty, spa & technology treatments save you hours in the bathroom while making you feel beautiful. We run to time so you can get on with your day.

The Spa-Tech Movement

Technology should serve us, not the other way round. We harness TGA approved devices that are proven to visibly, truly improve your skin, body & beauty. We blend them with a luxury spa environment & clean-science skincare to enhance your sense of wellness & beauty. 'The Spa-Tech Movement' is a global movement bringing evidence-based treatment to spas, clinics & beauty salons. Thanks, science!

Who loves it here?

Indulge is beloved of locals who like to check in, switch off, and receive the best advanced treatments in a relaxing, boutique space. We suit people who want a down-to-earth, friendly therapist, who knows all about the latest treatments but doesn't make us feel bad if we don't. We are particularly loved by people looking for a glow-up in their confidence & self-esteem.